Tasting the Forbidden Fruit – Vancouver Craft Beer Week

On Tuesday I was fortunate enough to get an invite to attend VCBW’s Forbidden Fruit event at Devil’s Elbow on Beatty Street. This event featured an amazing lineup of fruit-forward beers, in a variety of styles, from 22 different BC breweries.

forbidden fruit devil's elbow vcbw craft beer vancouver

Being that it’s the start of summer and that we’re finally seeing some decent weather in Vancouver, an event jam-packed with fruit beers – from sours to IPAs and everything in between – was a must attend for me.

vcbw vancouver craft beer week forbidden fruit

VCBW had quite the turnout for this signature event, as Devil’s Elbow was packed with people that work in the industry, craft beer bloggers and media, and those lucky enough to get their hands on a ticket. The event offered a great opportunity to speak with some of the people who had a hand in crafting these delicious brews as well!

vcbw vancouver craft beer week devil's elbow forbidden fruit

Casey Foster, a good friend and guest writer for Van Pours, joined me at Devil’s Elbow to sample the Forbidden Fruit lineup and share his favorites with me:


Brassneck ‘Touchy Feely’ Brett Brux Sour Pale

5.5% ABV

Without knowing, I could’ve guessed this funky brew was from the geniuses at Brassneck. Brett funk upfront on a clean pale ale gives way to slight tartness. This pour was a treat to start my night with!

Field House ‘Light Sour’

ABV 5.5%, IBU N/A

An exciting new release from an upcoming light/dark series by Field House. This beer has complex and delightful sour notes that were followed up with the balanced presence of rhubarb and kiwi, with a clean finish. I’m looking forward to what’s next in this series.

Steel & Oak “Roselle” Rosehips Hibiscus Wheat Ale

ABV 5.5%, IBU 22

This beer was CRUSHABLE. Yet, there was a ton of great flavours at play between the rosehips additions and the brewery’s new age take on a classic style. I will definitely be grabbing many 4-packs of the new flagship beer from S&O to take to the beach, park or patio this summer!


Bridge Lemon Gin Saison

ABV 5.5%, IBU 24

Gin & Tonic is one of my favorite cocktails, so I’m not surprised that I really enjoyed this offering from Bridge Brewing. This beer features a subtle lemon taste on the nose, with a slight gin flavour on the finish. I’ll need to try Powell Street Brewing’s collaboration beer with Odd Society Spirits next…

Twin Sails ‘Frooty Call’ Raspberry Milkshake IPA

ABV 5.0%, ABV N/A

Can Twin Sails go wrong lately? I don’t think so! This was a sneak peek of ‘Frooty Call’, which is being released on Saturday, June 3 in the Twin Sails tap room on draft only. Milkshake-style IPAs, which are brewed with lactose, have been trending in the craft beer realm as of late…and for good reason. This beer was tapped out halfway through the event, so it seems I wasn’t the only person digging it. A damn fine raspberry milkshake IPA indeed!

‘Strathcona Beach’ Lemon Mandarin Radler

ABV 4.0%, IBU 15

This delicious radler is a new release from Strathcona Brewing and is just in time for beach season (hence the name). It’s refreshing and packed with flavour. Unlike some radlers that I’ve had in the past, Strathcona’s iteration isn’t overly sweet. Me likey!

Thanks to the VCBW team for having us at this event. Next up is the VCBW Festival at the PNE Fairgrounds, which runs tomorrow and Sunday from 1-6pm. Hope to see you there, and stay tuned to vanpours.com for a VCBW Festival recap!

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