Strathcona Beer Company – Wakey Wakey Coffee Stout

We’re back with our #PourOfTheWeek series! Hopefully you’ve been enjoying our weekly craft beer recommendations thus far. We’ve sure enjoyed writing (but mainly drinking) them.

This week we’re featuring the “Wakey Wakey” Coffee Stout from Strathcona Beer Company. Luke and I were really excited to try this one as we’re both big time coffee drinkers. We also like to indulge in a beer or two, so you do the math.

Strathcona Beer Company Wakey Wakey Coffee Stout vanpours BC craft beer Luke Mikler Photography

Strathcona Beer Company has been producing some fantastic seasonal beers as of late, and this coffee stout is no exception. Wakey Wakey uses cold brew coffee from Pallet Coffee Roasters, Carafa Special Type 3 and Maris Otter malts, oats, and East Kent Golding and Warrior hops.

Strathcona Beer Company Wakey Wakey Coffee Stout vanpours BC craft beer Luke Mikler Photography

As the beer’s name and our photo suggests, the coffee addition is the star here. It packs a serious caffeine punch. The oats add a creamy texture, making this coffee stout go down as smooth as an americano on a Sunday morning. Rich chocolate notes add another layer of flavour. Surprisingly, the hop profile and bitterness aren’t drowned out by all of this, which makes Wakey Wakey a very well-rounded craft beer.


In typical Strathcona style, the can label artwork features a wild and fun pattern that makes you grab it from the shelf and say to yourself, “Hey, I should drink this beer!” Take their not-so-subtle hint and pair this breakfast brew with your eggs and bacon this weekend. Brunch has never been so lit.


Thanks to Strathcona Beer Company for hooking us up with this delicious coffee stout. You can find it for sale in their tasting room and select private liquor stores in the Lower Mainland. Try it for yourself and tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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