Welcome to Van Pours

It was at Vancouver Craft Beer Week’s Festival, somewhere between Tofino Brewing Company’s Kelp Stout and Yellow Dog Brewing Co’s Red Kettle Sour, that we realized what type of posts we want to make at Van Pours.

We want to get people excited about craft beer. Whether it’s teaching the lifetime old-style drinker that “hops” don’t refer to the number of bunnies on a beer can or comparing the deliciousness of two local porters, we want to share our experiences of one of BC’s fastest growing (and most tantalizing) industries with you. Our posts will be aimed at the frequent growler-fillers and tasting room regulars, as well as those who are looking to start to dabble in local brews.

We are by no means beer scholars, but by all means beer enthusiasts.

Welcome to Van Pours.

Connect with Vanpours

Get in touch! Are you a local brewery? Craft beer enthusiast? Event planner? Media savvy blog guru? Give us a shout, we’d love to hear from you. Shoot us a message on our contact page!