Fact Sheet – Parallel 49 Brewing Company

Behind-the-scenes looks at businesses in any industry tend to be eye-opening learning experiences. In the beer industry, though, they’re even better: they’re eye-opening learning experiences AND you get to taste the beer. Last week, I took a brewery tour at Parallel 49 Brewing Company. I was impressed with the vast knowledge of Lead Brewer, Danny Seeton, and took away a handful of flooring facts about P49 that are definitely worth sharing:


  • Parallel 49 is only 3 years old.

  • Parallel 49 has been Canada’s fastest growing brewery for the past 2 years.

  • There are 50 employees at P49.

  • Parallel 49 pumps out approximately 10 000 litres of beer per dayand 36 million litres of beer per year.

  • Functioning at mass capacity, P49 once produced 40 000 litres of beer in a 28 hour time period.

  • The brewery has the capacity to run for 24 hours a day.

  • 3 Head Brewers of other Vancouver breweries were trained under Parallel 49’s Head and Lead Brewers.

Cheers to P49!

And their variety of barley (which we sampled…)

We drank a couple of brews right from the tanks!

And can confirm that the pumpkin Schadenfreude beer we told you about is on its way…

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