Van Pours Welcomes Luke Mikler to the Team
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Some of you may have realized that the photo quality on our site has improved significantly over the past few months. I’d like to think that I suddenly took up photography and become an expert overnight, but that isn’t the case. My good friend Luke Mikler has become the man behind the lens, and is now a permanent fixture on the Van Pours team.

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I first met Luke a couple of years ago when he came on board as a Graphic Designer at BC Hydro. Working in brand marketing, I collaborated with Luke often. It didn’t take long for me to realize how talented of a designer he is. I also learned that we share a passion for slicking back our hair, digesting dangerously high levels of caffeine, and drinking quality B.C. brews.

After my contract ended with BC Hydro, separation anxiety set in and I found myself thinking, how the heck can I work with Luke again? Luckily, in addition to his graphic design talents, Luke’s a very skilled photographer. I invited him to join Brett and I at Stanley Park Brewing’s Mandarin IPA release party with the promise of food and beer, and the rest is history. After seeing the amazing quality of his photos from the event, Brett and I knew that we needed to get him involved long-term with Van Pours.

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For this article, I asked Luke to summarize himself, since who knows Luke better then Luke? Here’s what I got:

“Luke Mikler is an amateur mycologist who loves travel, craft beer, and his goofy Siamese cat named Papaya.”

First off, what the hell is mycology? Apparently, it’s the scientific study of fungi. If you weren’t thinking it before, now you’re definitely saying to yourself, “That Luke Mikler sure sounds like a Fun-gi!” But seriously, he takes some pretty damn impressive photos while foraging for mushrooms. He also has a weird obsession with his cat. Red flag there, but nobody’s perfect…

Luke recently launched his personal website to showcase his photos and share some of this thoughts via his blog. Not too long ago, his work was also featured on a popular camera review site, Steve Huff Photo, where he details what spurred his love of mycology. Luke also discusses his photography equipment and techniques, and inspiration he draws from to capture incredible shots of mushrooms.

I’m happy to officially welcome Luke to the team, and am looking forward to sharing more of his work with you on our social channels and in future articles!

Here’s a few of my favourite shots he’s captured for us so far:

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