The Collaboration Pack Bringing Canadian Craft Breweries Together
Red Racer Brewing Across the Nation collaboration pack.

Red Racer Brewing Across the Nation Collaboration Pack

One of the coolest parts about the craft beer industry is the level of collaboration between breweries. It's something that truly makes this industry a community, rather than purely competitive. Red Racer Brewing from Central City Brewers & Distillers, one of the largest producers of craft beer in BC (and perhaps Canada), has taken this practice of collaboration brewing across all of Canada in recent years with their 'Across the Nation Collaboration' twelve pack.This mixed pack features twelve different limited-release beers, each brewed by Red Racer in partnership with a different Canadian craft brewery. As the name suggests, Canada is almost fully represented in Across the Nation Collaboration as all provinces and territories (with the exception of Nunavut) are represented. The participating breweries and corresponding beers this year are:

NWT Brewing Co. / Yellowknife, Northwest Territories / Kolsch

Winterlong Brewing Co. / Whitehorse, Yukon / NE IPA

Moon Under Water Brewery / Victoria, B.C. / Kiwi Saison

Troubled Monk Brewery / Red Deer, Alberta / Sour Brown Ale

District Brewing Co. / Regina, Saskatchewan / Dunkel

Barn Hammer Brewing Co. / Winnipeg, Manitoba / Smoked Amber Saison

Nickel Brook Brewing Co. / Burlington, Ontario / Berliner Weisse with BC fruit

Grimross Brewing / Fredericton, New Brunswick / Maple Maibock

Brasserie Dunham/ Dunham, Quebec / Coffee Stout

Copper Bottom Brewing Co. / Montague, P.E.I. / Bohemian Pilsner

Port Rexton Brewing Co./ Port Rexton, Newfoundland / Kveik New England IPA

Tatamagouche Brewing Co./ Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia / Belgian Tripel

Red Racer Brewing Across the Nation collaboration pack.

This effort wasn't just about the Red Racer team working with each brewery on a unique beer recipe - members from each brewery actually made the trek to Red Racer's facilities in Surrey to participate in the brew. You can check out Red Racer's Instagram page for photos of the brewers holding up their provincial or territorial flag with Gary Lohin during their collaboration brew day. To celebrate this year's special release, here are our thoughts on our four favourites from the Collaboration Across the Nation pack.

Nickel Brook Brewing x Red Racer Brewing

'Superior' Berliner Weisse (3.8%)

Nickel Brook Brewing collaboration beer with Red Racer Brewing

This is legit adult fruit punch. It has a beautiful ruby red colour from the BC fruit additions... blackberries, cherries, and raspberries to be exact! A mellow, fuzzy tartness reminded me that this is in fact a berliner wise and not a juice box. The low alcohol percentage makes this beer a refreshing summer sipper.

Brasserie Dunham x Red Racer Brewing

'Eastern Townships' Coffee Stout (5.5%)

Dunham Brasserie collaboration beer with Red Racer Brewing

If there's a coffee beer included in a collaboration pack, it would be hard for me to not include it in our favourites list. Yes... coffee is our other obsession! 'Eastern Townships' is a very solid coffee stout. With no other adjunct flavours (at least that I could notice), the coffee addition can really shine through. It's smooth with a nice roasty flavour. Lighter bodied for a coffee stout, which makes it quite sessionable. If you pair this with breakfast, we won't hold it against you.

Port Rexton Brewing Co. x Red Racer Brewing

'Skerwink Haze' Kveik NE IPA (6.5%)

Port Rexton collaboration beer with Red Racer Brewing.

This NE IPA is hazy with a creamy mouthfeel, but isn't overly fruit-forward like most beers of this style. It does boast some mellow tropical notes from the hops for the haze juice fans out there. The bitterness is dialed-back, with a little kick on the finish. Some spicy/herbal qualities definitely come through—likely from the addition of Kveik yeast. Overall, this is a quite interesting, easy drinking NE IPA.

Copper Bottom Brewing Company x Red Racer Brewing

'PanMure Island' Pilsner (5%)

Copper Bottom Brewing collaboration with Red Racer Brewing
Red Racer Across the Nation Collaboration craft beer pack

Before cracking open the Across the Nation Pack, I would have never thought that a pilsner would be on our 'favourites' list... but here we are. This beer is just that good. Panmure Island is more malt-forward and full-bodied than most of the pilsners that Luke and I have tried. It's a refreshing (and delicious) take on the style, no doubt. Forget the barrel-aged and mixed fermentation beers... bring on the pilsners and lagers, baby! If you want to learn about the other eight brews included in the Across the Nation Collaboration pack, you'll need to pick one up for yourself at Red Racer Brewing or participating beer/liquor stores. Let us know what your favourite beer from this limited annual release is! A huge thanks to Central City Brewers & Distillers for hooking us up with the beer for this post. We really enjoyed trying the collaboration brews, especially since we hadn't had beers from many of the breweries that worked with them on Across the Nation.

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