Welcome to the new-look Vanpours

The new vanpours website is live

When we started Vanpours in 2015 we didn’t know a lot about about craft beer. It was way better than the macro-brewed crap that we drank in university, that was for sure. For us, starting a blog seemed like a cool way to explore Vancouver’s beer scene and document our experiences. We didn’t have any real expectations, just curiosity.

Pouring a fresh hop craft beer from Parkside Brewery.

Four years later, I couldn’t have predicted what this project has given us. Through brewery tours and visits, beer festivals, media tastings, and other awesome events, we’ve met so many amazing people. While the beers themselves are delicious and widely celebrated, we’ve learned it’s the collaborative, diverse, friendly, and talented people that make BC's craft beer scene truly special. It really is a tight knit community.

Breweries set up at Vancouver Craft Beer Week Festival

We’ve been fortunate to see the Vancouver craft beer scene blossom before our eyes. As the industry has developed in the city and across the province, we have as well. We’ve become craft beer super fans. And we’ve met other super fans too. Connecting with other beer bloggers and photographers has allowed us to find our own place within the larger craft beer community and gain a supportive network of new friends.

Stack of kegs at Mariner Brewing in Coquitlam, BC

As our content has matured and we’ve gained a voice within the industry, we’ve found the need to move to version 2.0 of vanpours.com.

Our new site is Vanpours as it’s best self, with Luke’s slick photos providing the eye-candy up front (you can stop drooling on your phone now), and slightly-above-average words from yours truly.

Pouring a BC craft beer

We hope you like our new site. We’re pretty stoked on it. We’re also really excited to share more stories from the industry that we’re so fond of.

Welcome to the new-look Vanpours.

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